6/22/2011:   Just learned that JOANNE CROCKETT will judge Working Western events at U.S. Nationals this year. 
The big event is scheduled for Tulsa, OK, from Oct. 21-29. 
If you have a qualified horse, I hope you will be showing there, & I hope to be there (at least part of the time) to watch. 

Joanne has been an active exhibitor, Arabian horse owner & show judge ... well, for quite a few years ... & I just happen to have a photo of her from August 2, 1971, that I wanted to share.  Here is Joanne Crockett riding her first Arabian, RAFSI+ ... a beautiful chestnut gelding who was a National Champion Stock Horse (reining) and very versatile show horse.  RAFSI+ did well in Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, trail, costume and as an equitation mount for some lucky junior riders.  He was trained by Bruce Crockett, and was well loved by all who knew him. 

I remember sitting with Joanne and her father at the 1973 U.S. Nationals, in Oklahoma City,  watching RAFSI+ and Bruce win Top Ten in the trail class.  What a great Nationals that was!  KHEMOSABI++++// won the Stallion Halter class (and there was only ONE stallion halter class back then, with about 300 entries) & I cheered for him because he was a FADJUR grandson, just like my beloved Magic ... & of course, everyone loved Khemo's charisma!  He was so full of life and energy, I just couldn't look away from him ... as soon as he entered the ring, he became the center of attention & the crowd ROARED.  During his preliminary class, my friends & I were seated about 2 rows behind Walter Farley and Gladys Brown Edwards, and I tried hard to hear what they were saying about Khemo, because of course I was absolutely "in awe" of both of them ... and the Husbands, Khemo's owners, were about 3 rows behind us ... they looked very happy & proud of their handsome boy.

Two of my "junior exhibitor" friends from the Dallas area were showing that year, and both did well.  (There was no Youth Nationals in 1973 ... the "one and only" U.S. Nationals was held in August, offering a few youth equitation classes, & many "junior exhibitors" also showed in the Open classes.)

Henry Poindexter did a great job of showing his gorgeous chestnut gelding PRINCE DIAMOND+ to Top Ten in the Gelding Halter class (I have always thought Jym should have been Champion!) and Lisa Williams showed the wonderful chestnut stallion FEROUK+ to a National Championship in English and a Top Ten in Western.  I believe that Lisa was showing FEROUK+ in the Saddleseat Equitation class, the Stock Seat (Western) Equitation class, the English Pleasure Amateur to Ride class, and the Western Pleasure Amateur to Ride class, and I think she "made the cut" in all of them.  But I'm not sure exactly what placings they ended up with, in which classes.  Maybe someone can tell me.  I loved FEROUK+ & later owned his daughter, PRINCESS DIAMOND, who had the same dam as PRINCE DIAMOND+ [who was by SERAJ+]. I followed FEROUK's show career (through the Arabian horse magazines) for many years ...  he carried the National Champion Saddleseat Equitation rider at least 5 times, and one of those National Equitation Champions was Catherine Crier, who later became a well-known attorney, Judge, and TV personality.  I always wished that I could learn to ride & show as well as Cathy, Lisa & Henry!

Here is another photo taken 8/2/71 ... same horse, different rider.  This was my first ride on an Arabian, & boy, was I ever "on top of the world."  National Champion Stock horse RAFSI+ ... wow! ... such a sweet, kind, patient horse, to put up with a clueless kid who had never had a riding lesson & held the reins too tight ... THANK YOU, Joanne, for giving ME such a wonderful gift, on YOUR birthday!  It was also my mom's birthday, & for the rest of her life, she & Joanne exchanged birthday cards.

If you have memories of any of the horses or people mentioned above, I hope you will share them with me ... let's walk together, down memory lane, to Diamond R Arabians in Allen, Texas, and remember those wonderful people and beautiful horses!



06/07/2014 16:54

I just found your blog while looking for information about Rafsi. I rode him as a child in Texas in the mid-1970s. I have a picture of myself when I was maybe eight or nine, thundering along on him! How wonderful to know that someone else still remembers Rafsi!


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